Auburn Dips Into Belgium

Tony Barbee and the Auburn Tigers are looking for players who know how to win, and what better of doing that than receiving commitments from players on the nation's top team. On Friday afternoon, they landed their second Findlay Prep (NV) product.
The Tigers already had his teammate, Benas Griciunas, on board along with Ronald Delph, Tahj Shamsid-Deen and Jeremy Johnson. Now, they have Dion Wade.
The class of 2013 6-foot-5 guard from the nation's No. 1 team, by way of Belgium, committed to the Tigers.

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"It feels great to be a part of the Auburn family," Wade announced.
In his first year in America, Wade picked up a lot of steam from the get go and had to choose them over San Diego State, Gonzaga, USC, UTEP and others. He knew it was the right fit, however, while on his official visit to the school last weekend.
"The visit went great, I love it out here," he told AuburnSports.com following the visit. "It's definitely something to consider," Wade said. "The players and coaches showed me around campus and they showed me how the family works out here."
"I have a good bond with Coach Miller and Coach (Tony) Barbee. Coach Miller is a nice man, his brother is a shooter too (Mike Miller), so he can help me. It's a good program."
As he was needed at a high capacity by Barbee and staff, it seemed to be the perfect fit late into the season.